Now offering lease and inspection services!

September 1st, 2010

1) Long term lease. If you need a SavvyInspectorTM right away, but your business isn't ready to commit to a capital purchase, we will now lease you an instrument, subject to our lease agreement and availability of instruments.

2) On-site services. At the request of many people, we now offer on-site inspection services and one-day and two-day rentals of the SavvyInspectorTM. A trained inspector will come to your facility, set up a SavvyInspectorTM, and work with your QA team to resolve critical surface inspection issues. This is also a great way to try out the SavvyInspectorTM technology before you purchase.

3) Inspection services. If you can bring your parts to our demo center at Aperture Optical Sciences, Inc in Durham, CT, you can rent a SavvyInspectorTM by the hour, with or without an operator.

Contact Us for rates and availability.