Just back from OptiFab. What a great show

October 22nd, 2013

Just back from OptiFab. What a great show! We were exhibiting the new megapixel SavvyInspectorTM SIF4E, the Davidson D-668 visibility standards,

ISO standards by Max Levy Autograph, and thanks to our new partner, Gage-Line, the entire suite of optical comparison standards made for OP1.002 dimensional inspection. I was thrilled to be helped out in the booth by Mike Hotkowski (not shown) and my daughter, Rocky Aikens (left), as well as Savvy Optics' production manager, Dana Takaki (right). We also had Frank Dombrowski of Gage-Line in the booth for much of the time to show off the new dimensional products. With the addition of the Gage-Line partnership, Savvy Optics now has a complete line of solutions for every scratch and dig inspection need!