Announcing our new distribution agreement with trioptics

July 3, 2021

A lot has happened in 2020 and 2021 and not all of it was particularly fun. But with the vaccine rollout in full swing, the US is getting back on track. As such, we have resumed domestic travel and hoping to start up international travel soon.
But the big news is WE HAVE A NEW DISTRIBUTOR for the SavvyInspectors(r)!! TRIOPTICS GmbH and its affiliates will take over sales, distribution and service world-wide effective this month. (Lambda Photometrics will continue to be the exclusive distributor in the UK and Savvy Optics will distribute in North America along with TRIOPTICS.) I am very excited to be working with TRIOPTICS we have had a cooperative arrangement for scratch and dig samples for over 10 years, and this cements our relationship even more.

We are working out a strategy to support system installations and calibrations remotely, so you can contact your local TRIOPTICS office or representative. We are doing zoom demos and technical training now, and it is very exciting.