Big thank you to Gordon Boultbee of JDSU

December 1st, 2011

Big thank you to Gordon Boultbee of JDSU, for catching an error in the SavvyAccumulatorTM. I have fixed it (along with a typo) and attached it to the link on the left. If anyone wants to volunteer to create the equivalent accumulator for the dimensional method or the ISO method, contact me and I'll send you an unprotected version of the spreadsheet for a starting point. Since the SavvyInspectorTM systems we are shipping now come with Office lite, I don't need to support the version that runs in open office. Hopefully by now, everyone has access to a converter for .xlsx files anyway. See you at Photonics West, for the standards meetings on Sunday and Monday, and then in the booth or in the classes for the rest of the week.