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Savvy Optics currently offers the following services:
Optics Drawings Review and ISO 10110 drawing conversion

The world of optics and photonics is shrinking, and all modern optics companies are converting over to one of the variants of the ISO standard drawing format, ISO 10110.  This pictographic
format is the most important change to optical drawings standards in the past 30 years.  Taking
advantage of this new format will remove ambiguity, remove language barriers, and lower
costs.  But applying this standard badly will cost time and money.  Let Savvy help you.

Savvy Optics will review your optics drawings for completeness and accuracy.  We will report to
  •        What standard or standards you are currently using on your drawings
  •        How well your drawings comply with those standards
  •        What are the key cost driver specifications on your drawings
  •        What are the potential supply-related issues you should be on the look-out for
  •        How to convert your current MIL or ANSI style drawings to the ISO 10110 format
Savvy Optics Services

Scratch and dig comparison standard certification
Optical design and engineering services
Optics drawings review and ISO 10110 drawing conversion
On-site training for standards and specifications
Expert witness and trial preparation work for Optics
Scratch and Dig comparison standard certification

Whether you are using old Brysen comparison standards or brand-new Davidson ones for your scratch and dig inspection, you should be getting your sets evaluated periodically to maintain
ISO 17025 traceability. Army issued sets can be returned to Picatinny Arsenal annually for re-
recertification, but if you are using any of the commercial comparison standards, the Army won't
recertify them for you.  That's where we come in.
On-site training for Standards and Specifications

Savvy Optics offers a range of training services for compliance to MIL, ANSI and ISO optics standards and specifications.  We have standard half-day and full-day courses on surface
imperfections (scratch and dig), waviness, roughness, component specifications and optics
drawings.  We can also customize training programs for your team, to make sure you get the
most out of your training budget.  
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Expert witness and trial preparation

We have significant experience in trial preparation and expert witness work, from patent and specifications review, contracts, and physics support to expert and fact witness deposition and
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Optical Design Services

Savvy Optics offers a full suite of optical design and modeling services.  Whatever your optical design needs, from redesign for cost to a blue-sky new product, Savvy has the optical
design talent to make your project a success.  The Savvy optical design network connects some
of the finest minds in the field of creative optical design in the US to your project team,
ISO 10110 drawing
PSF difference image