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NY Photonics Articles
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July 2009 - PVr A robust Peak-to-Valley specification
May 2009 - Roughness; the forgotten specification
April 2009 - New version of Scratch/Dig spec: OP1.002:2009
March 2009 - ASC/OP releases ISO 10110 as American National Standard

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Previous posts from the "What's new" section

May 16th, 2016
The DCS show was great! Thanks everyone for stopping by to see the new motorized system
and checking out our v6.0 software.  We are very excited about the new autoscan feature; with a
motorized system you can now program in the dimensions of your part, hit autoscan, and watch
the system move about grabbing images of the entire surface, 9 mm x12 mm  at a time.  I posted
a video of that software
here, but at the show we got the suggestion of adding a pause button, to
allow you to stop the scan when you see something interesting, move over and grab a scratch or
dig measurement, and then resume the autoscan.  We've added the feature and it works great!  
Contact us if you want to talk about an upgrade to the latest hardware and software.

March 24th, 2016
Haven't updated the website in a while; sorry about that.  In November my website hosting
company got re-branded, and required new software to do updates.  I finally got the new
software loaded and running.

We are exhibiting at SPIE DSS, and looking forward to showing off the new features of the SIF4M
motorized system.  We are hoping to be joined by our new distributor in Europe, but that might
be complicated.  

We have continued to develop the SIF4 platform, with more features and software as well as a
motorized z-axis.  We are also building a custom system now which has 400 x 200 mm of travel!  
We expect this to be popular for inspection of short pulse and ICF lasers. I hope to have pictures
of it at the show.

October 20, 2015
Big news! We have finally found a company in Germany with whom we can work on bringing the
SavvyInspector to continental Europe.  Savvy Optics is proud to welcome Dioptic GmbH to the
Savvy family.  Dioptic has several metrology-related products, including the Argos, a lens
inspection system for ISO/DIN dimensional surface imperfections.

September 2, 2015
Gearing up for  Optifab in Rochester in October.  I am thrilled that SPIE is going to focus on
specifications training in their course offering, with an unprecidented six courses focused on
optics specifications.  This is everyone's big chance to catch up on specifications and standards,
and show SPIE that these topics are central to our optical engineering portfolio.

We will also be showcasing our new SIF-4M, the joystick controlled, motorized
SavvyInspectorTM.  This new system has some great features, and I have decided to switch over
completely to the motorized version for my own standard certification work in-house.  Give me a
call or email if you are a current user of the SIF-4 or SIF-4E and want to consider upgrading to
the latest and greatest Savvy Optics has to offer.

June 22nd, 2015

DSS show went great!  Thanks everyone for coming by!

I just got word that we will be teaching an entire session of standards classes at OptiFab in
Rochester this coming October.  I will post more information later this month.

March 3rd, 2015

Looking forward to the SPIE DSS show in Baltimore in April.  We will be exhibiting, showing off the
latest software for the SavvyInspectorTM SIF4E.  See you there on the show floor!

February 27th, 2015

After many requests, we have decided to go ahead and offer our entire series of classes out in
southern California in May this year.  This is your big chance to check out our brand new class
"A practical guide to specifying optics."  Or you can come to one of our many popular classes on
Scratch and Dig inspection, Waviness, or ISO 10110 drawings.  You can sign up
here, or just
click the "Register" link above.  I'm really looking forward to this!