ISO 10110 optics drawing
Savvy Optics Drawings
Optics Drawings Review

Savvy Optics will review your optics drawings for completeness and accuracy.  We will report to you:

  •  What standard or standards you are
    currently using on your drawings
  •   How well your drawings comply with
    those standards
  •   What are the key cost-driver
    specifications on your drawings
  •   What are the potential supply-related
    issues you should be on the lookout for
ISO 10110 Drawing Conversion

Many companies today are doing wholesale conversion of their optics drawings to the ISO
10110 drawing format.  While this can open
up new suppliers in Europe and Asia, it can
be a tricky process to get right.  Savvy Optics
will work with your optical engineers and/or
existing suppliers to convert your MIL-based
or ANSI-based drawings to an equivalent ISO
10110 drawing for your review.  As needed,
we will also review your drawing
specifications versus application to optimize
price versus performance, and facilitate where
necessary in the selection and establishment
of on- and off-shore suppliers of components.

We can also convert drawings from ISO
10110 into ANSI or MIL-standard formats.
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