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June 29, 2012

I fixed an error in the MIL/ANSI accumulator, where the Max dig count criteria was not causing rejection.  
Please download the latest version by clicking on the spreadsheet to the left.  As usual, it is offered for free
and without warranty, etc.

May 14, 2012

Big news!  Enable KK of Tokyo has signed on to distribute the SIF-4 in Japan!  We're thrilled to bring Hideki
Ogawa's team into the family, and look forward to many sales and customer successes in Japan.  I will be
going over to visit with Enable KK in July, so if you want to schedule a meeting while I am there, please contact
Ogawasan via Enable KK's website.

April 23, 2012

Well at long last, I finally got around to creating the ISO version of the SavvyAccumulatorTM.  Click on it on the
sidebar to download it.  As with the MIL/ANSI version, it is my best attempt at an an Excel spreadsheet for
accumulation, and is offered without warranty.  Download at your own risk and so on.  If you try it out, please
get me feedback on whether it is useful, correct, or whatever.  The next time I take a train somewhere, I'll try to
do the OP1.002-Dimensional rules, so we'll have the full set.

January 31, 2012

We had another great Photonics West, exhibiting with our friends from Aperture Optical Sciences, Inc.,
Okamoto Optics
, Opto SiC, and Plymouth Grating.  We were joined by Mike Hotkowski, who helped out by
holding down the booth while I was doing the
OEOSC meetings and teaching my classes.  The meetings and
classes went great, and I'm looking forward to teaching again next year.

December 1, 2011

Big thank you to Gordon Boultbee of JDSU, for catching an error in the SavvyAccumulatorTM.  I have fixed it
(along with a typo) and attached it to the link on the left.  If anyone wants to volunteer to create the equivalent
accumulator for the dimensional method or the ISO method, contact me and I'll send you an unprotected
version of the spreadsheet for a starting point.

Since the SavvyInspector
TM systems we are shipping now come with Office lite, I don't need to support the
version that runs in open office.  Hopefully by now, everyone has access to a converter for .xlsx files anyway.

See you at Photonics West, for the standards meetings on Sunday and Monday, and then in the booth or in
the classes for the rest of the week.
December 11, 2012

Dana has written a technical paper describing how to use a SavvyInspectorTM to do surface quality
inspections, called "Objective scratch and dig measurement."  In in she describes the new SIF4 software and
the exact methodology for making repeatable, objective measurements.  
Check it out!

This requires a major overhaul to the sections on surface form (Part 5) and centering (Part 6) which is being
led by the German delegation.  A key decision we need to make is how to define "freeform" optics.  All good
stuff, and I think we can expect some significant improvements to ISO 10110 in 2013 and 2014.  

In February we will continue our discussions on adoption of the ISO notation through the National Adoption of
an International Standard (NAIS) process.  We want to release the US version by the end of 2013, at least with
the fundamental sections.  Come by the
OEOSC Meetings at Photonics West to hear first-hand what is going

October 12, 2012

It's been a busy month.  We just installed the third Series 5 system in Chicago.  The first one is a lease system
we retro-fitted, that is now in CA.  The second series 5 system, SN7125, which was installed in Rochester last
month, was also the first system built here in CT by Dana.  The new software is a big improvement, and offers
ISO mode for general imperfections, in addition to the MIL and ANSI inspection capability. If you are a series 3
or 4 SavvyInspector
TM owner and want to get the latest software, contact me to get started.

October 1, 2012

Finally finished the new proposed draft of ISO 10110-7 and ISO 14997 which includes the ANSI Scratch and
Dig method as well as the existing DIN 3140 based method for surface imperfections.  We'll be presenting this
at the TC172/SC1 meeting at St. Gallen later this month.  Hopefully the committee will agree that the approach
is sound, and we can proceed with a working draft.

July 7, 2012

I'm very excited that version 5 of the SavvyInspectorTM SIF-4 software is now in beta testing! This update
cleans up a lot of issues associated with the image window, scratch length, and magnification, and also gets
far better results on very fat scratches or digs which are composed of multiple unresolved scattering sources.
The update also has a new mode to allow general imperfection grades to be reported according to ISO
10110-7.  It's still a scatterometer, not a digital microscope, so it gets the apparent size that you would get from
a DIN-style visual inspection, but that correlates nicely with expert inspector results anyway.

Check out this new video Dana made, with the latest software including ISO mode!
November 21, 2012

ISO TC172 SC1 meetings in St. Gallen,
Switzerland went very well. The US presented
their proposed changes to ISO 10110-1, -10,
and -7, as well as ISO 14997.  I think these
changes are very important to broader
adoption of the drawing notation standard.  
We also had some great discussions on the
changes needed to allow us to specify
aspheric optics more completely.  
August 25th, 2013

I've finally got a half-day version of the optics drawings class, called "Introduction to modern optics
drawings - the ISO 10110 standard."  First classes will be at OptiFab in October!

Sign up at the
SPIE website.

July 25th, 2013

Well, it's been a while, and a lot has happened.  Let me bring you up to speed.

First, we are thrilled to have signed a distribution agreement with OPTurn in Beijing, for sales of
Savvy products in China!  We've had so many inquiries from all over China that we just couldn't
ignore that key market any more.  So now we have three distribution partners: OPTurn in China,
Enable, K.K. in Japan, and Lambda Photometrics in the U.K.  I'm hoping to have more help selling
systems in the US and Europe soon; stay tuned.

  China                                        Japan                                        United Kingdom

Second, we have finished testing the new version of the SavvyInspectorTM, the SIF4E.  This new
version has a bunch of great features, most notably a mega-pixel camera for higher resolution
measurements on very small imperfections.  The new camera works especially well for small or
micro-optics and high-precision surface imperfection callouts like 20-10 or 10-5, or ISO specifications
below 0.1.  Of course, all our systems now ship with version 5.5 software, with improved MRB file
management features!

March 4th, 2013

The first flight of D-668 comparison samples are already sold out.  Thank you everyone for the
enthusiastic response.  Looks like we have a winner.  We'll need to make another flight right away, so
if you want a Davidson-style comparison set that is certified using the same process as the offical
sets made by the Army,
contact me for pricing.  I'd like to get these going before the end of March, so
don't delay.  The data sheet is
here, if you need one.  

January 31, 2013

New Davidson Scratch and Dig Comparison Standards!

To get your own set, either
contact me or contact Davidson directly.  Be sure to order the D-668 set,
not the Rev H D-667 set.  They are more expensive, but you won't be sorry; they are excellent,
conservative, up to date samples.  Great job, Davidson!
D-668 comparison samples

Great news:  The new re-mastered Davidson comparison standards, D-668,
are now available.  I just got my first four sets today, and they look great.  I
haven't had time to measure them all, but I put the first set on my Demo
SavvyInspectorTM here (SN 7126), and sure enough, they are spot on to the
lower end of each of the scratch standard ranges, compliant to the US Army
ARDEC limits.  

We now have a set of comparison standards that are repeatable, calibrated
using a SavvyInspectorTM, and traceable back to the Army limit standards.  
These can be used for either MIL-PRF-13830B or ANSI/OEOSC
OP1.002-2009 Visibility scratch and dig inspections.
Davidson Optronics
D-668 comparison set

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