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June 7th, 2009
We've finished testing the
TM, and we
are now taking orders.  

Delivery is 6-8 weeks, and the software is still a bit rough, but the
calibrations are all really consistent and the system works like a champ!

I haven't set up a special web-page for the system, or for our growing
line of products.  That's my project for next week.

Contact me for a quote!
September 24th, 2009
What a crazy summer.  Progress on the massive overhaul of this website is slow. so I wanted to get
out a quick update.  

The latest news is that Savvy Optics Corp now takes Credit Cards.  Payment is at time of order, so if
you want to use this years capital to buy a SavvyInspectorTM, we can make that happen.
December 15, 2009
I'm continuing to write for NY Photonics newsletter.  I've now done seven articles, and have three
more in the works.  Here are the latest:
News from Berlin
Optics Math
High index glasses
January 14, 2010
I just found out that I'll be teaching ISO 10110 at SPIE Orlando.  I'll be bringing down a
SavvyInspectorTM, and may even get a booth, depending on cost and schedule.  If you are in the
Orlando area and want to see a demo,
drop me a line and we'll set up a rendez-vous.
February 8, 2010
Photonics West standards meetings were very constructive.  We made more progress on the new
wavefront standards, OP1.004 and OP1.005, thanks to the hard work of Peter Takacs (BNL) and
Chris Evans (Zygo).  At the surface imperfection meeting, we reviewed measurements by
Optronics on the illumination fixture, D-667-11, and I gave a presentation on Scratch and Dig
instrumentation. We also approved OP1.110-1 and OP1.110-10 for submittal to ANSI, which
means the adoption of ISO 10110 as an American National Standard is immanent.  We had a great
presentation by Rick Youngworth (
Lightcapture) on default specifications, and by Allen Krisoloff
Triptar) on optical glass standards.  And I gave a presentation on Scratch and Dig
instrumentation. Very exciting!  Check out the news on OEOSC's webpage, or contact me for more
April 10, 2010
The Defense, Security and Sensing conference in Orlando was excellent.  Savvy Optics Corp exhibited
for the first time (with
FTOptics), and the SavvyInspectorTM SIF-4 got rave reviews; more than 20
companies came by for a demo, and almost all of them expressed interest in the instrument.  It seems, in
the words of one QA manager, we've "got a tiger by the tail, here."  Thanks to everyone who helped get
the word out, and encourage us to keep plugging our new solution to fix the Scratch and Dig woes of our
industry.  Ari and I continue to work on new software and hardware, so stay tuned for more news!

Also as a result of the conference, we now work with
Excelsior Optronics to offer recertification of scratch
and dig comparison standards.  We measure your standards (any make or model) using the
TM versus the key master sets here at world headquarters.  You get an inspection report
and a certification.  
Contact us for a quote.
May 25, 2010

The on-site training in Horsholm, Denmark went great.  We did a new, all-day version of the surface
imperfection class that I really liked.  With the extra time, we were able to add some hands-on training with
both the visual inspection setup (MIL-PRF_13830B and OP1.002) for visibility, as well as on various
stereo microscopes for the dimensional inspection (ISO-10110 and OP1.002).  
June 16, 2010

On June 8th, Savvy Optics Corp was awarded a contract to provide a SavvyInspectorTM to the Army.  The
system will be delivered in early August to the group at the Picatinny Arsenal which manages the scratch
and dig comparison standards inventory for the DoD.  This is a very exciting opportunity, and I am really
looking forward to working with the folks at Picatinny on the project!

Thanks again to everyone who continues to spread the word about this new solution to the subjectivity of
scratch measurements.

September 1, 2010

Now offering lease and inspection services!
1) Long term lease.  
If you need a SavvyInspectorTM right away, but your business isn't ready to commit
to a capital purchase, we will now lease you an instrument, subject to our lease agreement and availability
of instruments.
2) On-site services. At the request of many people, we now offer on-site inspection services and
one-day and two-day rentals of the SavvyInspector
TM.  A trained inspector will come to your facility, set up
a SavvyInspector
TM, and work with your QA team to resolve critical surface inspection issues.  This is also
a great way to try out the SavvyInspector
TM technology before you purchase.
3) Inspection services.  If you can bring your parts to our demo center at Aperture Optical Sciences,
Inc in Durham, CT, you can rent a SavvyInspector
TM by the hour, with or without an operator.  

Contact Us for rates and availability.
April 4, 2011

The training sessions in Chelmsford were a great success!  Fifteen students from five local companies
came to attend the two day event.  Since it was so successful, I have scheduled two more
SavvySeminarSeries; one for July in Tampa, FL and the other for October in Los Angeles.  I hope to
make this a regular thing, serving the regions that are not served by SPIE's conferences.  
Contact us for
more info, or
sign up now for Tampa at a reduced rate!

Jan 15, 2011

At the request of many people, we will now be offering open sessions of our popular on-site training
seminars on Scratch and Dig, ISO 10110, and Surface texture.  Our first session will be at the end of
February in New England, but we're planning more for Southern California, Florida, and Arizona.  Look for
classes coming to your area, or contact us for a schedule.
July 6, 2011

Due to a lot of conflicting priorities right now, we've had to postpone our Tampa seminar series.  The
sessions will still be held, but at a date to be determined in December.  If you haven't signed up but
were planning to, please contact us and I'll get you the new dates and location as soon as it is

May 20, 2011

Big news today!  I'm thrilled to announce that Savvy Optics Corp. has signed on Lambda
Photometrics Limited as our exclusive distributor in Great Britain and Ireland!  I have known the folks
at Lambda through their long-standing relationship with Zygo Corporation, and have great respect for
the professionalism and outstanding technical competence that they provide.  I think the
TM and other Savvy Optics products fit really well with Lambda's existing metrology
technology portfolio, and look forward to working with them in the coming years to serve our
colleagues in the UK and Ireland.

May 13, 2011

OptiFab was a great show.  We had a nice turnout for the new Waviness class, and standing room
only at the panel discussion on aspheres.  Thanks to everyone who participated.
October 1, 2011

It's been a crazy couple of months, but after the ISO standards meetings in Okinawa, I suspect
things will calm down a bit.  SavvyInspectorTM sales have been brisk, and we now have units in
England, China and Vietnam.  In addition we've shipped the third system to one of our best
customers, and continue to get great reports about the ways the SIF-4 is able to help people solve
their scratch and dig problems.  If you've got a story you can share, please let me know and I'll add
it to the growing list of testimonies!

2011 and prior posts

December 1, 2011

Big thank you to Gordon Boultbee of JDSU, for catching an error in the SavvyAccumulatorTM.  I have
fixed it (along with a typo) and attached it to the link on the left.  If anyone wants to volunteer to create
the equivalent accumulator for the dimensional method or the ISO method, contact me and I'll send you
an unprotected version of the spreadsheet for a starting point.

Since the SavvyInspector
TM systems we are shipping now come with Office lite, I don't need to support
the version that runs in open office.  Hopefully by now, everyone has access to a converter for .xlsx files

See you at Photonics West, for the standards meetings on Sunday and Monday, and then in the booth
or in the classes for the rest of the week.