Optical Design Consulting
Savvy Optical Design and Consulting Services:

Dave Aikens is a world-recognized, 30-year veteran optical
design engineer with classical training in lens and system
design.  He has done optical design work for, among other
things, satellite, reconnaissance, semiconductor capital
equipment, microscopy, biomedical, solar, illumination, and high
energy laser systems.  He is one of a very small and decreasing
number of master lens designers in the world today. He is
among the foremost experts on optics specifications and
standards in the world today.

Zemax is our preferred design code, but designs in Code V,
Light Tools or OSLO  are available as well.  Current specialties
include satellite imaging systems, metrology products, and laser

In 1983, when Rudolph Kingslake taught his Optical Design
course for the last time, he wrote on the board what was referred
to as "Kingslake's first law", which was "In optics it is easy to do
something roughly, but very difficult to do it well".  With the
promulgation of inexpensive, PC-based optical design code,
there are hundreds of people in the world calling themselves
optical designers.  But in truth, they are only able to do things
roughly.  There is just a handful of people with the classical
training and background that allows them to do it well.

Here at Savvy Optics we use a classical approach to lens design
which results in faster, cheaper, and better solutions to optical
design problems.  Our network of fellow independent consultants
offers a staggering 120 years of combined optical design
experience, all classically trained from the University of
Rochester or the University of Arizona, in every field of optics.  
From the EUV to the far IR, reflective or refractive, microscopy or
telescopy, we have experts who have designed solutions to the
most challenging optical design constraints.

Increasingly, doing things well is not just a matter of the most
elegant optical design that meets the technical constraints.  Our
designs consider ALL the constraints, including tolerancing,
manufacturability and cost.  When you get a Savvy solution, you
can be confident that your drawings will be clear and
unambiguous, and your systems will perform in reality, not just
on paper.

Practical optical solutions to today's photonics problems.

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Four-mirror anastigmat
Folded ATMA, FMA Four Mirror Anastigmat
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