Savvy Optics Certifications and Calibrations
One of the greatest problems of our industry today is the scratch
and dig specification.  It is the most misunderstood and misapplied
requirement for optics and the most commonly cited cause for
rejection, despite being, for the most part, a subjective examination
of workmanship issues.

For more than ten years, Savvy Optics has been on a mission to
solve the scratch and dig problem by offering training and
education, products and services aimed at demystifying and
standardizing the surface imperfection standards of the world.

A key part of that effort is standardizing the meaning of the scratch
and dig numbers.  Since there is significant variation in make and
model of the different comparison standards, it is essential that the
comparison standards and measurement equipment be maintained
and verified periodically.

Starting in 2009 we began offering the SavvyInspector
technology world-wide, allowing Army traceable, objective scratch
and dig measurements.  Systems should be calibrated periodically
to maintain proper measurement. We can come to your site,
evaluate the system, check the performance against the Savvy
Optics reference masters, and calibrate the system.
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arrange for a visit.

Starting in 2012, at the request of customers, we began offering
certification of comparison standards using our SavvyInspector
technology.  For a very modest fee, we will inspect your comparison
standard and provide a report of the scratch brightness and dig
sizes, and certify the set against either Army or OEM standard
values.  All certifications are ISO 17025 and MIL-STD
compliant.  Scratch measurements are Army traceable, while dig
measurements are NIST traceable.

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Standards supported:

Army issued standards C7641866, latest revision
Brysen Optical SAD and SAD 1/2 Alum
FLIR Systems SAD and SAD 1/2 Alum
Davidson D-667 and D-667A
Davidson D-668
Edmund Optics N53-197
Thor Labs SDPK
visibility standards issued per C7641866

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Certifications and Calibrations
Brysen Scratch Dig Comparison Standards
D668 scratch and dig set
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